Fashion Design Research Paper Topics: 20 Great Question

Introduction: Fashion—A Plethora of Influences You Can Write About

There are all kinds of exciting paper topics to write about in fashion and fashion design. Current fashion trends are ALWAYS influenced by what is going on in art, politics, this particular millennial moment . . .

What you want to seek out is what most fascinates you about fashion. What aspect of fashion design do you find pondering as you drive your car or take the bus to school or work?

Are you a music lover Have you considered how fashion is influenced by different genres of music ? Just think about the different styles of clothing you see in each video and perhaps you could write about one of these genres.

Fashion and History

Think of a historical period which really fascinates you in terms of fashion. Or, conversely, think of a country whose fashion trends are fascinating. Japan, Italy, America, and France are key leaders in setting fashion trends, both today and yesterday, perhaps you could focus your essay upon one country, nation, or time period.

Think of how the rich dress on Downtown Abbey, for example—could that happen today or was this a reflection of economic trends? Think of movies that have set fashion trends as well—any one of these could prove fascinating.

20 Great Ideas for Fashion Design Paper Topics

  1. Acrylic Nails—Paint, Sequins, and a New Fashion Trend
  2. Fashion Production Today—What’s New?
  3. Textiles and Textile Design Today: Current Trends
  4. Fashion in the 18th Century
  5. The Influence of Marie Antoinette on French Fashion
  6. (Some Iconic Figure’s) Influence on Fashion Today
  7. Where Fashion is Going in 2017
  8. What Makes Hemlines Fluctuate From Year to Year: The Influences Will Startle You
  9. Magazines and Fashion—The Mutual Influences
  10. Fashion and Political Influences – How Politics Shapes Fashion Trends
  11. The Movies: How the Silver Screen Affects Fashion Trends Today/Throughout History
  12. Define and Discuss: The Cultural Attitudes of Clothes
  13. How Fashion Influences Mood and Self-Esteem
  14. From Katie Perry, to Madonna, to Rhianna: How Female Musicians Influence Fashion: From the 80s till 2010
  15. The Intersection of Fashion Design and Technology
  16. How Production Influences the Shapes and Mood of Clothes
  17. Rap and Fashion: How has Rap Influenced Fashion Trends and How Does it Continue to Do So Today?
  18. The Influence of Post Modern Art on Fashion Today
  19. 19th Century America and Fashion
  20. French Fashion Today

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