How To Write An Excellent Research Paper Bibliography: Useful Hints

If you wish to write a good research paper you can learn it from your professors or teachers. But when it comes to writing your bibliography you have to do it yourself. There are some websites on the internet which have a few samples on how to write it. It very easy since all you have to do is write a list or sources from where you got all your information from. This is also important because if you use information without citing the source, you may be accused of plagiarism.

Here are some useful tips you must keep in mind if you wish to write an excellent bibliography:

  • While working on the assignment keep some sticky notes or card. On them write down the source from which you are getting your information. This way you save lots of time and avoid all sorts of backtracking to find out which fact you got from where.

  • Keep a track of what type of source you use, be it a website, a book, a DVD or newspaper clipping. When you mention the source there is distinctive format in which you have to mention them. So in the bibliography if you are citing a book as your source you will have to provide the author’s name, publisher’s name and of course the name of the book. If you have used a encyclopedia give the title, edition volume followed by the page number. When borrowing from a newspaper mention the reporter’s name if available, the name of the paper along with date, where it was published and the page number if you know it. For a DVD mention the title and name of the publisher. If you have got your facts through interviewing a person just mention the person’s name, occupation if you know it and also the date on which you took the interview.

  • Even if you have written down all the sources while working on the paper just go through the whole thing quickly to make sure you have not missed anything.

  • Since most of the things are done online it is imperative you will get some or most of your information from the World Wide Web. SO while citing a website for reference mention a line or two from their About Us section. If there isn’t one you can try the Contact Us section and get some information about the web portal.

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