Writing A Research Paper Introduction About Climate Change

Recently scientists and experienced environmentalists have given threatening warning about the negative impact of global warming. The climatic change is not favorable to people. In the academic paper, your aim must be to educate readers about the cause and effect of the climatic disaster. It is not beneficial to people. You need to write a good introduction bringing few essential points to highlight in the small content.

Make an Interesting Introduction on Climate Change

In the short introductory note, the writer has to give some survey reports and updates to determine the drastic and gradual change in the environment. For instance, NASA claims that temperature has increased by 14 degrees so far since 1880. This prominent rise in the mercury level is certainly harmful to people. It is the booster to enhance the rapid global warming. For this reason, people have to make the world green. In the first paragraph of the academic paper, provide updated information about the weather changes. In this connection, read some weather reports and listen to news to have ideas about the rapid change in different atmospheric levels. The air becomes hot and the earth itself gets lot of heat. The ultra violet rays reach the earth due to the puncture in the ozonosphere. That’s why, environmentalists warn that global warming will be the main cause to break the ice bars in the extreme North and South poles. In a recent report, it has been measured that 258 billion ton ice is thawed every year due to terrific side effect of global warming. This useful information can be included in the first paragraph of the research paper. Put focus on the major causes of the acceleration of the temperature in the environment. Deforestation, excessive release of mono carbon in the air and pollution are some of factors to intensify the global warming. When you write the introduction, you don’t need to insert any bulletin to categorize anything. Even you must not make the personal views and comments in this short introductory paragraph.

You should not spoil the interest of your readers by making the introduction longer and more complicated. Instead, through the content of the introduction, keep lucidity without grammatical mistake. Readers need to be boosted up to go through the introduction smoothly. Simultaneously, your content of the introduction must be formatted. Therefore, do recurrent content checking to manage all major mistakes. Your introduction will present some interesting information and facts for motivating readers to read the following paragraphs.