15 Most Interesting Topics For A Research Paper In Psychology


Looking for a topic to most of us seems more challenging even than the writing and research itself. Fortunately, psychology is a wide field with 13 branches attached. Consequently, there are also many interesting diverse topics that you can come up with. However, before searching for a topic in Psychology, be sure to follow the directions given by the instructor.

Let us look into various captivating topics you can come up with from different psychology branches:

  • General psychology topics
  • Since psychology is generally a wide field, you have a long list of topics to select from based on general issues. From the general topic, ensure that anyone can narrow it down into points. From this you can have the following topics:

    • a) Popular psychiatrist: 'Analyze the profile of a certain famous psychiatrist'
    • b) Prevailing issue: 'parity in mental health care'
    • c) Analyzing a psychiatric experiment:' Miligram obedience experiment'
  • Abnormal psychology topics
  • The branch of abnormal psychology exclusively deals with abnormal behaviour as well as psychopathology. This term is used to refer to a wide range of disorders from depression up to obsession -compulsion into deviation of sex and so on. The following topics may result:

    • a) Disorders
    • b) Discuss the common cause of depression
    • c) Analyze the effects of phobia and control measures
    • d) Discuss schizophrenia disorder in terms of its causes, effects and treatment mechanism
  • Development psychology topics
  • Development psychology concentrates on the entire lifespan of human beings starting from conception period to death. Having such a wide range of coverage, there are numerous topics you can develop revolving around human life. These may include:

    • a) Discuss the effects of child abuse in the society today
    • b) Briefly describe the common notion about gender roles
    • c) Give the process of prenatal development
  • Cognitive psychology topics
  • Cognitive psychology exclusively analyzes the mental processes of people, perception towards things, memory and how people learn. This branch of psychology can further be divided into groups of other disciplines such as neuroscience, linguistics, philosophy and so on. From these, the following topics may be developed:

    • a) Discuss the common perception about insanity
    • b) Discuss the role of linguistics in our day to day lives
    • c) Describe your judgment about effects of drug abuse
  • Social psychology topics
  • This branch of psychology exclusively discusses the social behavior in any set up. There is a wide range of topics that you can formulate on how people interact with others in the society. There are a number of topics you can come up with including:

    • a) Discuss the prevalent forms of social bias and discrimination
    • b) Give your personal perception towards social control and cults
    • c) Give the best social attitude towards leadership.


Basically, there are endless topics of psychology research papers that can be developed. It is left upon you to decide which branch of psychology you find most interesting to develop topics from. Visit this company for deeper content on psychology.

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