A List Of The Most Popular Topics For A Biology Research Paper

The subject of biology is deals with human body and from this point of view it is an interesting subject. There are various popular topics for biology paper. The writers can choose any topic according to their wish or interest. They are suggested to choose such topic that arouses interest within them because interesting topic can make their writing easier.

The writers can get topic from many sources like text books, library etc. they can also get it on social media or online search. Here some topics are given with which currently people are fighting.

  • Genetic and obesity -At present many people have been suffering from obesity and consequences of the obesity. In is found mostly in urban areas. The reason behind it is to have complex food habits. However it is not that food only to blame but there are many reasons behind it. To lead improper life style is one of them.
  • Side effects of abortion - This is current and at the same time relevant biology topic. We often watch discussion about this topic on television or read in newspaper.
  • Genetic and homosexuality- It seems farfetched however research has been going on about the topic continuously. It will be interesting to know that which factors are responsible for homosexuality and heterosexuality. Ebola is considered as biological weapon. Is it proper to use it?
  • How does alternative medicine works - This question often arises in the field of medicine. Some medicines do not work in a particular disease and that is the reason alternative medicine is given to the patients but question arise how much they are effective?
  • How autism is related to vaccines in infants?
  • How does the use of control pill effects the birth control?
  • What are the reasons for cancer growth in our environment and which activities are needed to stop this disease?
  • Discuss the various theories about the origin of human beings on the earth.
  • Discuss about the genetic diseases and how they serially come into existence.
  • What is meningitis research mystery? How it puzzles the writers?
  • What is Phobias? What are the scientific ways to deal with phobias? Is it psychological disease or physical disease?
  • What is the biological angle of hypnosis? Explain about the occurring of the hypnosis.
  • Discuss about the advantages of sleep. What are consequences of sleeping a lot? What are the possible treatments of sleep disorders?