A List Of Interesting Research Paper Topics About Korea

Every country has its own story. For some, like China, the written history stretches back thousands of years into the past and the thread can be followed to learn some interesting things about the world we live in today. In other countries, the inhabitants had no written language and their oral traditions were severely damaged by centuries of oppressive colonial rule. If you decide to research any nation, picking the right topic is crucial. Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind if you decide to write about Korea:

There is more than one nation by that name

While they were once a single unified nation, North and South have been separate for decades after a civil war that started over ideological differences. They have progressed along very different paths from that point onward.

The West is continuously trying to erode the leadership of the North

The North is ruled by a dictator for life who is the son of the previous despotic leader who was the son of the leader who came before him. It is rumored but difficult to prove because of how closed off the country is that his people suffer tremendously while he lives lavishly. This is part of the reason that Western governments continuously try to topple him. It is not, of course, the only reason

While the South flourishes the North withers

The statistics are hard to obtain but it is estimated that people in the North are several inches shorter than their counterparts in the South despite being of the same ethnicity. This is said to be due to malnutrition during the formative years.

The following topics could be selected:

  1. How the South Korean economy became one of Asia’s largest and most powerful

  2. Fleeing political unrest from one of Asia’s most longstanding conflicts

  3. Kim Il Song and the cult of personality

  4. Dictatorship in the 21st Century: Maintaining control of the North Korean people in a rapidly shrinking world

  5. Two different countries, two different worlds: A tale of two Korea's

  6. Espionage and propaganda: The rocky road to diplomacy in an isolated state

  7. Can the North and South ever be reunited?

  8. How likely is the North to win the battle of the two Korea's?

  9. Have diplomatic sanctions been fruitful in bending the will of Asia’s last despot?

  10. An international sensation: The rise in popularity of K-Pop overseas

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