12 American History Term Paper Topic Ideas For 8th Grade Students

Students in 8th grade who are taking a history class will from time to time be asked to write a term paper. These papers are often aimed at ensuring that you can present some good ideas for your paper, and also to make sure that you are able to showcase your efforts. For a chance to write a good paper on American history, it is important for you to make sure that you know at least one or two things that can help you get some good work done herein.

When you are preparing to write a good term paper on this topic, the following are some really good ideas that will work out well for you in the long run. Try to create topics based on a similar concept:

  1. Discuss how wars and conflicts within the American history shaped the country as we know it today, citing relevant examples
  2. Explain how enlightenment played an important role in the declaration of independence
  3. Discuss the history of the American Jews, following their lineage to date
  4. Explain how slavery in American history helped to spur the economy to become a super power
  5. Discuss 5 defining moments in the history of the US in the 18th century, citing how they influenced the development of the country and how this has been extended to date
  6. Espionage is always treated with contempt, and perpetrators will in most cases be sentenced to serious punishments. Discuss how espionage worked well for the US through history and how this has helped the country get to where it is
  7. Discuss the role that Africa had to play in the development of the American contingent through the years, and how this influence has progressed over the years
  8. Explain the impact that Benjamin Franklin had on the history of the US
  9. Wars have been fought between America and lots of countries, and in particular countries within the Gulf region and the Middle East. Discuss how some of the wars that are fought today can be traced back to historical regimes
  10. Discuss some individuals in history whose limelight was stolen by revolutionaries, though their effort in the history of the country remains so memorable, but not with as much mention as they deserve
  11. Discuss how the role of women advanced through American history
  12. Explain the challenges that immigrants faced in ancient America

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