Academic Writing Tutorial: The Methodology In A Research Paper

A research paper does not beget itself as naturally as a grass weed emerges from beneath the earth surface. It takes a lot of toil and ideation; and has to be funneled from numerous standpoints.

The practical point

One of the major segments of the paper is the Methodology where you practically prove the essence and vitality of the topical theme. The method may be in form of poignant experiments or a few qualitative surveys. Here is the cut

  • In case it is an exact science subject, you have to come to conclusions through proper experiments and meaningful theories and hypotheses. General opinion will hardly matter here. You will have top pick the trends which strengthen the core of your assertion. You will also have to bring essential data to your backing.
  • In case, it is an opinionated subject, you have to cut an extensive methodology. You have to question respondent from disparate societies in order to assimilate what the different viewpoints. This helps you to form a fervent analysis.
  • You have to prepare steady and intrusive questionnaire. Think of the manner in which a criminologist questions criminals. He doesn’t get straight to the point but takes a detour. You have to absorb the inner urges of common people and thus arrive at a conclusion.
  • You should ideally resort to quota sampling. Random sampling will do if it is a subject like Psychology, because every person has a different psyche. In short, you have to be clear about the path you are taking and proceed diligently.
  • Your methodology should be a derivation from the literature review you have written as part of the Introduction. This is to say that you have to revolve it around the pertinent question you mapped out for the topic. You should endeavor to find emerging and sustainable solution through your methodologies. Also, these should not be erratic. The analyses would be too confusing in that case.
  • You should not shirk away from the physical labor you need to pour into the methods. Just because it is physically taxing, you should not reduce the number of respondents or the number of questions you have meticulously penned.

Pour passion

Of course, the methods can take its own course if the topic is too unheard of or is different from the usual grind. What is essential is to maintain decorum and not deviate from it. You will only get proper crop if you reap and harvest with passion.