10 Great US History Research Paper Writing Prompts

The success of writing vastly depends on the chosen topic. If the topic is a monotonous one, the whole efforts can turn into vain despite the fact you have applied lots of endeavors. Are you looking for clue regarding US history research paper writing?

Check out some remarkable writing prompts that can be highly inspirational and make you write something great-

  1. How World War I and World War II impacted the economical development, racial and gender relationships, foreign relations and subjects related with civil liberties in the United States.

  2. Discuss the current status of democracy in United States and compare its development with the previous era. What historical deficiencies were faced to bring major developments? How these deficiencies were rectified?

  3. What important role the political party of Woodrow Wilson played at the time of 1912 elections? How the split of the Republican Party offered credit to Woodrow Wilson? Describe the scenario in context of two political party systems tracing the formation of Bull Moose Progressive party.

  4. Offer a picture of 20th century western culture? Describe the scenario in terms of fine arts, science, race, ancestry, sports, fashion, cinema, language, automobiles etc. Discuss the long cultural differences with prime examples. Discuss the reasons of economic tensions amid the Northern and Southern states.
  5. Discuss the journey of Lyndon Baines Johnson – the 36th president of United States? What revolution it brought in the country?

  6. How was the duration between the presidencies of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson was a revolutionary period in the United States? How it opened civil rights and civil liberties? What foreign, domestic and state policies were formulated and how this transformation was helpful?

  7. Discuss the period of the Southern Frontiers, 1607- 1860. How it served as an agricultural evolution for colonial and antebellum south. Elaborate it in context of agriculture as the chief most occupation in United States.

  8. Analyze and sum up the chief most points regarding the War Without Mercy by John Dower. What were the reasons of conflict in the Pacific zone during the World War II? How racial discrimination and long standing attitudes made the scenarios worst.

  9. How legal was dropping of atomic bomb by US on August 6 and August 9 in 1945. Was it preventable? How much justified this nuclear attack was?

  10. How successful or unsuccessful was the employment of New Deal introduced by President Franklin D. Roosevelt? How the series of domestic programs countered the Great Depression?