A List Of Impressive Term Paper Topics On Domestic Violence

A term paper can be defined as an academic essay based on the subject drawn from the curriculum of school or college term. It can also be referred to as research paper presented by a college student over his academic term or semester. It usually comprises of detailed analysis of a particular subject, relevant information and a conclusion which substantiate the essay topic.

Domestic violence as a term paper

Domestic violence can be referred to as violent behavior within the home conditions which affects the mutual relationship within a family. Over aggressiveness or abuse among the family members can also be termed as domestic violence. It is a serious offence which results in adverse effects on family relationship causing ramifications for the victim. Domestic violence can be different forms such as emotional, verbal, physical, sex abuse and economic which may even lead to disfigurement or death. This social issue is often analyzed or studied as a research topic or term paper.

List of impressive term paper topics based on domestic violence:

Effect of Violence on Children: recent studies indicate that violence towards children is huge which also include physical violence between the parents. The younger children are often vulnerable to the domestic violence than older children. Violence like over aggression, abuse and physical violence are experienced by children during the schoolings. These may lead to severe depression, stress or even lead to death or suicide. Many programs are being conducted globally to spread social awareness towards this serious issue.

  • Violence towards women: Mistreatments and abuse towards women is most common domestic violence towards women. This abuse usually happens in different forms like mental, emotion and physical. Domestic violence is also an aftereffect due to unhealthy marital relationships as well as intimate partner violence. Recent studies also imply that increasing cases of cohabitation also results in violence.

  • Violence towards men: violence is not limited to kids and women; it also includes husbands being assaulted or abused by their wives. Many cases are reported regarding violence towards the husband for multifarious reasons.

  • Spousal violence: this occurs between the siblings within a family. Spousal violence involves abuse or violence by one brother or sister to another. This can be rectified to certain extent by providing proper counseling and through awareness programs.

  • Preventive measures to stop domestic violence: there are many laws and policies which protect the rights of each and every individual and violence towards the family members is also a criminal offence. Many activists and organizations are functioning to prevent these types of violence.