How To Boost Your Research Paper Writing Skills: Vital Recommendations

Writing a research paper is not like writing a short story. Students are not able to just write out whatever thoughts or dialogue they want to. Instead, this type of writing requires extensive research. Students must be able to demonstrate that they have a thorough knowledge of the subject. Additionally, each quote in the document needs to be backed up by an academic source. To get a top score on this style of writing, students should use the following tips.

Read Frequently

Even students that already read a lot can benefit from this tip. Before the best novelists create their first novel, they read thousands of other books. Students are often familiar with different novels and short stories, but many students have never read an academic paper. Before a student starts to write out their own research paper, they should make sure to read through several examples from other writers. Ideally, these examples should be written by professors or doctoral candidates. Once the student has a clear grasp of the writing style that is expected, they begin working on their own research paper.

Get Too Many Sources

When it comes to writing, it is always better to have too many sources than too few sources. If the student runs out of sources as they are writing, they will have to stop their work, go to the library and find a new source. In addition to taking extra time, this also forces the student to quit writing their research paper. Rather than get interrupted, students should make sure that they have more sources than they think that they will need.

Write Down Quotes and Data

Reading through a source is great, but most people are not able to remember every line that they read. Nothing is worse than remembering a great statistic only to discover that it is lost on one of hundreds of pages of the book. To prevent this from happening, students should use note cards as they write. Each time the student sees an interesting quote, they should write it down on a single card. The bibliographical information and the page number should also be written down so that the student can easily find all of the information later on.

These note cards can also be included or referenced in the outline. For the student, this makes it easier to track when and where a specific quote was used. It also makes it simpler to compile a strong argument to support the thesis.

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