Top 10 Research Paper Topics You Can Handle With Ease

It’s not easy to write a good research paper, even if you can choose a topic. In fact, choosing the topic is the most difficult task of all the process of writing the paper. You have to learn a lot about the topic before you start writing it.

However, in order to avoid your paper to take most of your time, you should choose a topic that you are already familiar with. This article offers you some topics that you would definitely handle with ease.

How to choose the right topic?

Since a research paper takes a lot of students’ time, you should choose a topic you enjoy writing about and that will keep your interest while you are writing it. In order the topic to be interesting, you have to think of the following questions:

  • Is the topic relevant to your life?
  • Do you have some previous knowledge about it?
  • Does the topic looks interesting to you?

When you answer these three questions positive, then you have the right topic. However, try to be as specific as possible with the topic. Think of a familiar field, and select a particular idea from that field that you can write about. Otherwise, you get easily lost in your paper.

10 sample topics easy to handle

Here are 10 paper topics you can choose from. There are topics that explore various areas, so take your time and read them carefully. You can change the topic if you are more interested in another area, and you have more information about another aspect of the topic, of course. It is up to you what you will write.

  1. How Internet and downloading affects music industry?
  2. One day inside a beehive
  3. The origins of Hip Hop music
  4. Tobacco and human body – changes and effects of long-term smoking
  5. Computer viruses spread very fast in today’s world. Is there something we can do to prevent our computer to be affected by a computer virus?
  6. Local economies are affected by monopolies. In what way Walmart affects out local economy?
  7. Technologies and energy conserving: What are our options when we buy technologies?
  8. Are Lie Detector tests accurate? How do they work and the percent of accuracy in these tests
  9. Sleep disorders and treatment.
  10. Steps of creating a successful Hollywood movie

Choose a topic from the above suggested and feel free to write and explore everything related to it. Good luck!