How To Find An Easy Topic For A Term Paper About High School

When you are in secondary school, you actually spend more time there than you do at home. Monday through Friday, the campus is where you spend the majority of your time. So, when the teacher gives a piece on high school, you should be able to find a great idea for your composition. If you get stuck in your search, you can use our ideas on how to find this topic.

Places to Look and Suggestions for Looking

    Look around you-you are in the science lab, the auditorium, the drama class, the fields, the office, and the cafeteria o name just a few places. See if any of this spots can help generate a good subject for your piece. Consider the hot topics-in the world of education; there is always change, opinions, and controversy. If you get a chance, look at an educational periodical and see if any of the articles appeal to you. Some trending ideas are:
    • Laptop education
    • Tablets and learning
    • Free college for everyone
    • Uniforms for students
    • Common Core Standards
    • Testing
    • The decline of the AP programs
    • EBooks not hard copy textbooks
    • College admissions and the end of test scores
    • Shootings
    • Athletes and special privileges
    • Schools without principals: Teacher Run
    • Stress and students: living up to the expectations
  • Interviews-you will be able to obtain interviews for your paper from various school personnel. Make sure to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. You can schedule a time that is convenient for your interviewees.
  • Do a key word search-you want to do a little detective work. You will first search for exciting trending topics. Then you will search to make sure that there is enough research for any of these ideas. After that, you should have an idea or two for your subject. You will then want to make sure your idea is not over-used and worn out. A little bit of research and key word search work will save you a lot of heartache.
  • Debate sites-the debaters are amazingly aware of the world and what is happening in it. Here is a little known tip. Go to a national debate site, and look at their subjects for education. They only post ideas that are relevant and that have research. Follow the debate people; they know what they are doing.