How Do You Find A Topic For A 10-Page Research Paper?

Many students might freak out as soon as the total number of pages reaches doubl digits, bur frets no more. The truth of the matter is that when writing a research paper, it is fairly easy to go over ten pages. You just have found the right topic to keep you interested enough to last that long.

A good topic:

  1. Is neither too narrow nor too broad: the telltale sign of an excellent topic is that doesn't leave the author out in the open, grasping at random straws trying to make sense. It is not so broad so as to disable the author from composing a comprehensive argument, nor too narrow that it leaves the author no space to explore any other aspect.
  2. Is specific: The more specific the topic, the better structured the paper. Keeping a vague, short term as a topic will leave the author wanting to cover more facets than he or she can properly present. On the other hand, having a well-thought out statement to write about gives the author a good idea of how to proceed.
  3. Interests the writer: The most important part of the research paper is the amount of interest the writer has is in the theme of the paper. Instructors can easily detect when a student feels really excited about the topic, and when he or she is writing the paper for the sake of it. Take some time, but choose a topic that you really have opinions about.

How to find good topics:


  Finding good topics is not that hard to do. If you have an internet connection or even access to a public library, rest assured that you have a plethora of sources at your disposal. Here are some sources that you can look into:

  1. Academic Journals: Choose a broad field of interest, and read articles, journals, and magazines related to it. You will not only find interesting viewpoints, but also references for future use.
  2. College and University Websites: These websites have a plethora of published research papers and essays, completed by graduates and undergraduates of the particular institution. Reading through them will not only be helpful for your research but will also help you with formats and templates.

These, of course, are only some of the examples at your disposal. Keep at it, and you will find a good enough article soon. Other sources that you can consider are documentaries, studies and researches, and group discussions with classmates and friends.