List Of Interesting Term Paper Topics On International Terrorism

Why international terrorism is such a hot topic for term paper?

International terrorism is one of the most-debated issues in the world. So if you are given international terrorism as a term paper theme, then take it as a challenge. If the topic is dished out by your instructor already, then the onus is up to you to develop it logically. But if you have the freedom to select the topic, then choose a catchy one.

How to pick up the perfect topic on international terrorism?

If you have to pick up the topic on your own, then follow the unchartered territory. Most of the students tend to follow the clichéd path by linking terrorism with a specific religion. In order to make your paper stand out amidst the clutter, you have to show terrorism in a fresh light. Don’t go through the outdated magazines and journals in search of a topic.

Tips to write a striking term paper on international terrorism

  • Apart from selecting a striking topic, keep a logical and analytical tone throughout your paper.
  • International terrorism is such a topic that needs graphical depiction of statistical data. So keep that in mind that you have to incorporate charts, graphs and bars in limited numbers in your paper.
  • Write multiple drafts before penning down the final one.

10 interesting term paper topics on international terrorism

  • The growing rate of immigrants in countries like Britain or Germany has increased the impact of terrorism recently. Formulate your paper about the topic that- on what grounds the two entities of International terrorism and immigration from South-East Asia to Europe are co-related?
  • In order to curb international terrorism, a change of primary school syllabus is necessary in the countries of Islamic region.
  • The making of a terrorist: how world economy plays a crucial role here? Focus your paper in context of countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  • Cyber terrorism is now making the bureaucracy of American government vulnerable. Show this trend by depicting minimum five recent cyber terrorism incidents involving White House.
  • The sources of finances of international terrorism and how they operate. Explain.
  • ‘The jihadi-wife’- a relatively new threat in the counter-terrorism measures. Explain this in the context of IS terror outfit of Syria.
  • Is racism in UK conducive to breed home-grown terrorists- make a statistical report from year 2002-2014.
  • The modus operandi of terrorism outfits in Afghanistan in recruiting trainees.
  • The psychology of suicide squads.
  • Top five weapons of mass destruction- emerged so far from Middle-East Asia.