A List Of Unique Biology Topics For A High School Research Paper

High school students write research papers on different subjects, including biology. One of the most important steps in such tasks is selecting a good topic. Biology is a rather broad subject, so you have plenty of topics to choose from. If it’s difficult for you to come up with an interesting idea on your own, you may gain some inspiration from the list of suggestions below.

  1. The concept of aging.
  2. Discover the similarities in the process of aging in different animals. Explain why the hair grays with age, for example. Investigate how the lifespan of particular species relates to their environment.

  3. The secrets of emotions.
  4. In your research paper, you may write about biological and chemical factors that influence emotions. What brain processes cause particular emotions? Why do people have emotional disorders?

  5. The evidence of evolution.
  6. Describe the theory of evolution in your paper and present evidence that supports this theory. Discuss what evolutionary changes we can observe nowadays.

  7. The usage of DNA.
  8. Explain in details to your readers what is DNA and why it’s important to study this topic. Describe the advantages of DNA mapping for solving crimes and finding hereditary ailments.

  9. Genetic defects.
  10. Investigate how genetic defects occur in plants and animals. Discuss the influence of genetic defects on the evolvement of species. Illustrate your discussion with real examples.

  11. The dangers of epidemics.
  12. Research in your paper how different epidemics impacted the development of human society. Explain how diseases spread and what steps should be taken to stop epidemics. Discuss what humankind should do in order not to let the occurrence of new epidemics.

  13. Genetics of sexuality.

    Gather and present data for or against the statement that sexual identity is a genetic component.

  14. The study of cells.
  15. In your work, you may describe in details the differences of plant and animal cells. Explain how particular cells function and how different cells interact with each other.

  16. Human anatomy.
  17. Reveal the wonders of the human body in your research paper. Write about the potential of our bodies and to what extent people really use it.

  18. Ecological issues.
  19. Explain what ecology means from a biological point of view. Describe the concept of food chains and indicate why it’s important to maintain balance in the environment.

If you thoroughly investigate one of these topics, you’ll be able to write a great paper that should impress your biology teacher and earn you an excellent grade.