27 Good Nursing Research Paper Topics To Choose From

Nurses are medical professions in every sense of the word and undergo almost as much training as doctors. Despite this, their work is often undervalued and they receive lower payment. If you intend to enter this field you probably want to help others. That part of your life can begin with your research. If you are unsure of what topic would suit you best, you can take a look at the following list of good ones.

  1. How mood and prayer affect the rate of healing after surgery
  2. Affects of sex therapy on the quality of life in geriatric patients
  3. Distancing techniques to allow medical professionals to treat loved ones
  4. Preventing burnout among carers and other helping professionals
  5. How nurses can improve palliative care given to children
  6. Should the providers of post operative care for cosmetic procedures be recipients of similar procedures themselves?
  7. Preventing organ rejection through proper patient training
  8. How have psychiatric nurses revolutionized the delivery of mental health care?
  9. Homeopathic alternatives to sutures
  10. How often can yoga be substituted for traditional physiotherapy?
  11. How are patients affected by the gender of their nursing professional?
  12. Should pediatric nurses be given specific training in creative therapies?
  13. Have obesity statistics been exaggeration the health risks of sedentary lifestyles?
  14. Has drug abuse increased in tandem with the incidence of mental illness?
  15. Can addiction to social media be treated successfully with pharmaceuticals?
  16. How effective is group therapy for trauma survivors?
  17. Are the side effects of Zoloft worth the therapeutic benefits in the long term?
  18. Can memory loss be beneficial?
  19. Can the increased incidence of ADHD be traced to greater access to computer technology?
  20. Should music therapy be the first course of treatment in cases of anxiety?
  21. Does lucid dreaming lead to a more comfortable waking life?
  22. Should sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder attempt to distance themselves from the problematic season?
  23. How effective is pet ownership at treating depression compared to drug based therapies?
  24. Can patients be taught-self massage to enable them to produce lymphatic drainage?
  25. Are online relationships as psychologically fulfilling as offline ones?
  26. The effects of raw veganism on the human body
  27. Are organic foods better for weight loss than non-organic ones?

There are many sub-fields in medicine and they all require nurses. This means that whatever your interest there is a way to explore it here. Choose your topics in keeping with that and see what a difference you can make.