Creating An Economic Research Paper About Gas Prices

The economy is a subject that few people can truly ignore. Other than hermits who separate themselves from society and live off only what they can forage or hunt without spending money, we all contribute to economic activity. As the majority of our lives are spent using something oil or gas related, this is one of the most important commodities we interact with. Here are a few tips you can use to create a research paper o gas prices.

  • Look for the statistics on gas prices over the last three decades
  • There have been some significant chances in the prices of fossil fuels over the past decade alone. Just over the last six months the prices have dipped significantly. By looking at the statistics for such a broad period of time, much more can be ascertained about this subject.

  • Find trends that could be useful to your research
  • When you look at the statistics you collected, decide how they relate to the research you intend to conduct. Are the trends showing a better prospect for net consumers or producers of gas? Make sure you are drawing logical conclusions and not mistaking causes for something else.

  • Make comparisons with the instances of political instability in gas producing nations
  • Some of the major booms and busts with natural gas have been related to the levels of political stability or instability in major producing countries. There are significant oil and gas deposits in the Middle East and this region has been at war almost constantly for almost as long as there has been written history.

  • Refer to the economic text books for answers
  • Economics text books can show you why some of the trends you have witnessed take place. Many of these phenomena have been documented and named and you can refer to them in your own research as such.

  • Start putting it all together
  • With everything that you have noted up until now you should have compiled the basic skeleton of your research paper. You can start to add in the missing parts until it starts to look almost complete. This may be a good time to ask someone else what they think of it so you can go back to the drawing board in the places that are a little shaky.

  • Review for errors
  • Do all the proofreading editing and checking over so that you submit a paper you are proud of.

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