What Are Good Topics For A High School Research Paper?

Choosing a topic for a research paper can be very challenging to some students. Not everyone can generate interesting ideas thick and fast. The secret of selecting a successful topic is to pick something that interests or concerns you. Below, you may look at the list of topics that should be interesting for many people to write or read about.

  1. Juvenile offenders.
  2. Should they be punished and tried as adults?

  3. American invasion in Iraq.
  4. Is it justified or not?

  5. Gay marriages.
  6. What impact do they make on the society?

  7. Consumerism.
  8. How does the environment suffer from it?

  9. Handicapped children.
  10. Do we need to create special educational institutions for them?

  11. Drug abuse.
  12. How to get rid of it in schools?

  13. Death penalty.
  14. Should it be applied to sex offenders and rapists?

  15. Media.
  16. Do they show what should be shown or what people want to see?

  17. Racial discrimination.
  18. What are the ways to eliminate it?

  19. Official language.
  20. Should the USA make English its official language?

  21. Adult advertisements.
  22. Should they be aired on TV at prime times?

  23. Recycling plastic.
  24. Should it be mandatory?

  25. Teen pregnancy.
  26. How to reduce its percentage?

  27. Euthanasia.
  28. Should it be legalized?

  29. Natural resources.
  30. How to use them wisely?

These topics might help you earn a high score for your paper. However, you should know that a good topic doesn’t guarantee you success. There are many other steps that you should take in order to compose a decent research paper. First of all, you should do actual research. This is needed to support your ideas with substantial evidence. Your personal opinion isn’t enough even if it sounds rather persuasive. Secondly, you should pay attention to your writing too. Different papers often require different writing styles. If your writing doesn’t match the tone of your topic, you won’t get an excellent grade.

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No matter how you’re going to complete your assignment, start working on it as soon as possible.