How Not To Write A Research Paper- 5 Mistakes Most Students Make

There are so many sites that tell you how to write a research paper, however, there are not many that tell you what not to do. Here is the information about how not to write a research paper. These are the top 5 mistakes most students make:

  1. Adding too many citations
  2. You need to add citations to most research papers. It is a way of showing proof for the information that you are giving. However, you don’t want to go overboard and put too many citations in your paper. Use the citations to prove your statements and then explain why the citations prove your statements.

  3. Writing without an outline
  4. It is so vital that you put the information in a logical order. When you try to just write, you will likely have information anywhere. You will find some information here and there instead of in the right spot.

  5. Submit without editing
  6. You need to make sure that you check over your paper for errors in punctuation, spelling, and grammar. You will need to make sure that you read it through. The checker on your word processor will catch some errors. However, there are a lot of things that it won’t catch. Make sure to always read through your work before you hand it in. You can even read it out loud and you will find it a lot easier to identify mistakes.

  7. Choose a boring topic
  8. If you get to choose what topic to write your paper on, make sure that you choose something that you are interested in. That way, you will actually enjoy doing the research. It will be a lot easier to write about something that you are interested in as well.

  9. Don’t follow a format
  10. You need to format your paper correctly. It is the top way to lose major points quickly. Every essay has an introduction with a thesis statement, a body paragraph, and a conclusion. You need to also follow the formatting style that your instructor sets exactly.

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