In Search Of A Great Research Paper Topic For High School Students

Most high school students panic when they get assigned a research paper. More than likely it is the first one they have ever had to do and they are petrified. Usually it is your English teacher that puts you in this panic but it is a necessary part of high school. Since you have to do this assignment you might as well try to do the best you can. It is known that if you write about something that interests you greatly, you will do a better job. Here are some ways to find a great research paper topic for high school students:

  • Brainstorm – This is a technique that can be very effective when you are trying to decide what you want to write about. Since you will be spending a lot of time completing this writing, you may as well do something that interests you. Set the timer for 2 minutes and just start writing down topics. Keep going until you get at least ten topics. If you really press yourself to write down topics quickly, you will usually write things that interest you because they are on the top of your mind.

  • Research – Once you have your 10 topic ideas take a look on the internet and see if any of them should be eliminated because there isn’t a lot of data available. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to do a paper on a topic that you can’t find enough information about. Eliminate at least 3 of your topics that don’t have ample information available.
  • Stay away from boring – Look at your list and see if you can eliminate a few that everyone on earth has already written about. Try to find a topic that is unique and will actually be interesting for you to research as well as your audience to read. From the 7 topic ideas you have left, get rid of a few more that you think may be boring or that many people have already written about. Now you are left with 5.
  • Most passionate topic – Of the 5 topics left, which one seems the most interesting to you? Remember you will be spending hours completing this assignment and your time will fly if you are interested in what you are doing.

If you use this procedure to choose a topic for your high school research paper, you will probably be successful because you will spend the time necessary to get a great grade and create a paper you can be proud of and it will be interesting to read.