15 Simple And Interesting Research Paper Topics On US History

There are vast amounts of information on the topic of US history and this is partly due to the fact that that nation has only gotten established a few centuries ago. Much has changed during the time of independence and now therefore, a wealth of information awaits the curious student or academically interested individual if they would but only casually look.

The trick for beginners to adopt into their study time is to attempt some simple and yet still interesting research paper topics on the subject. The list below should contain these very types of titles to choose from. Regard your work as the necessary steps every student must take in order to have a shot at becoming scholarly.

  1. Write about the civil rights movement. State what was its original intentions and when did things their vision statement start to change? How did this movement affect modern day legislation on human rights?
  2. Discuss the people who persevered through the prohibition period in order to prevent their family from becoming poverty stricken. Debate which party fought for the less reasonable directive?
  3. The American civil war can be a riveting story if documented properly by stating the sources of your information. Discuss how natural it was for southerners to accept slavery.
  4. Touch heavily on the New Deal concept devised by former American president Franklin D. Roosevelt. Was this bold move worth the funding put into it?
  5. The attack on Japan with the atomic bomb is and always be one of the favorites to write on. Gather ample data before composing your paper.
  6. President Ronald Reagan’s war on drugs countermeasure focused on decreasing the use and trafficking of illegal drugs is also a favorite to submit for grading.
  7. The 9/11 attacks on the world trade centers is a topic filled with data waiting to be adapted into an essay for academic purposes.
  8. Design your paper around one of the worst hurricanes to hit America in recent times, hurricane Katrina.
  9. Another great title is the creation of the bill of rights and the US constitution.
  10. More commonly known as the great depression, study this calamity and structure an essay worth reading.
  11. Present a paper on the rise of the petrodollar and highlight the ones responsible.
  12. Was the Vietnam war any concern of America? If so state why.
  13. How did the American public react initially to having a black president for the first time?
  14. Talk about the JFK assassination to conclude if his death had lasting impressions.
  15. Depict the conflicts that plagued various congregations in New York in the mid 1800’s.