A Great Expert Written Academic Tutorial For Those Who Are Looking For Research Paper Topics

Did your teacher or professor give you the reins this time, letting you pick your own topic? Chances are, you’re a little confused about what to write about and how to pick a topic that will impress your instructor. Here’s what you should keep in mind when you begin thinking about what you want to write about:

  • Think about what interests you. If something is interesting to you, chances are it’s interesting to someone else, too. You want to make sure that you pick a topic that you can research and write about enthusiastically; a boring topic will just leave you burned out halfway through.
  • Narrow down your topic to a single question. A research paper should really revolve around one question, such as “how has marketing towards children changed since the 1950s?” You want it to be a question that you can answer confidently, providing concrete evidence along the way. The more specific your question, the better a paper you will have; be wary of going too specific, though. You’ll have a hard time writing ten pages with a question like, “how did Hasbro market toys to children in the holiday season of 1979”!
  • Have a few possible topics. It’s always a good idea to start out with a couple of potential topics, so that if you find there’s not sufficient research on the topic you like the most, you’ll have a second choice ready to go.
  • Choose a topic that matters. No matter what, you want to make sure you have something significant to say about your chosen subject. Whether it’s a hot button issue today or something written long ago, you need to make sure that whatever you choose can be related to a “bigger picture”. You can research the way that Crayola makes crayons all you want, but unless you can prove that the crayon-making process is an important thing to know about, you won’t have a great paper. However, a good writer can make almost any topic matter: maybe, if you’re really interested in how Crayola makes crayons, you can find a way to discuss the changes in crayon-making over the years, how it has evolved to modern day, and what the way crayons are made says about industrialism or the economy.
  • Figure out if you need to take a stance, or can just evaluate the existing research. Is this an argumentative research paper, where you’ll be required to choose a side to defend? Or is in an analytic research paper, where you’re answering a question that is significant but not necessarily debatable. This will make a huge difference in the sort of topic you want to choose.

Here are some good topics for an argumentative research paper:

  • Will desertification lead to famine, and how can we stop it?
  • Are factory farms ethical ways to feed a populace, and are they necessary?
  • Does homework really help students succeed?
  • Has welfare helped or hurt America?
  • Does watching TV hurt children’s development?

Here are some good topics for an analytic research paper:

  • Why have divorce rates risen?
  • What were the long-term effects of the Civil War on Alabama?
  • How can more people be encouraged to become organ donors?
  • Will man be able to build a colony on another planet in the near future?
  • How did the writings of Sylvia Plath affect the Feminist movement of the 60’s and 70’s?

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