Writing A Research Paper Literature Review: A Good Template

A research paper literature review is not a mere illustrated bibliography where you will summarize the research paper which you have gone through. A summary contains only the basic contents of the paper, it never goes beyond that. But in a review, along with the summary, you have to give critical analysis of the paper connecting it with the views of the other writers to make it informative. It may be written in a form of a paper or to provide a theoretical framework such as some thesis or dissertation.

Make sure you keep the following in your mind while writing your review:

  • Try to write in APA format. You can search on the internet to check the way of writing in the APA style of writing.

  • Familiarize yourself with the paper on which you will write your review. Get the help of online databases where you will get each and every reference for your paper. If you get identified with the paper, then you can put your analysis clearly in your paper.

  • Study the articles thoroughly and add notes in it. Try to arrange your information into groups so that while writing your paper, you can recollect the views easily.

  • Try to summarize the literature paper in a proper concept map and in a table. Rearrange it while writing to write with more fluency.

  • Contemplate your purpose of writing before the outset of your writing. Make a plan how to arrange your findings about the paper beforehand. Plan how to explain related theories, entanglement and give some points regarding future analyzation of the paper towards the end of your review.

  • Give the distinctive points between the selected literature research paper and the other relevant papers. Make clear why such points of distinction are important to that paper.

  • If you are mentioning the timeline of the work, then make clear about the time frame of the featuring subject in the literature paper.

  • Try to make a discussion about the other literature reviews on the same topic.

  • If you are writing a long essay, then use sub-headings in your work and use transition in your points to get a trace on your comments.

  • If you have planned to write a long review, try to add an introduction to your paper. Clarify at the beginning that what will be your main points and what will be not. Similarly add a conclusion to your review at the end of your paper.