5 Suggestions On How To Compose A Sociology Research Paper Proposal

Sociology is a very interesting science the main aim of which is humanity examination in the social aspects. As you have already understood sociological field of study is rather broad and writing a sociology research paper proposal can be quite a difficult task. If you are stuck and have no idea from where to start, read the next 5 suggestions on how to compose a brilliant research paper proposal.

  1. To begin with, work on an abstract, the main goal of which is to act as a mini version of your proposal and as a separate document. The structure of your abstract is simple – three paragraphs. The first part is about the problem you are researching in your paper. The second paragraph includes the information about the importance of solving the problem from the first part in the context of modern research and science articles. The last part of your abstract explains the hypothesis and the way of project's promotion modern sociological research.
  2. Now it is time to pay attention to your research paper proposal's introduction, namely, the problem and hypothesis. Decide what kind of hypothesis are you using. Almost every sociological research is divided into classes - non-causal and causal arguments. Decide which type you are using, and it will be easier to write an appropriate introduction.
  3. Now it is time for researching and brainstorming. You have to figure out what kind of research leads to your problem and hypothesis and find the related literature. Try to use modern investigations and latest publications in the field of sociology you are writing about.
  4. The next section is about the methology you are using in you sociology research paper proposal. You have to explain the nature of materials (surveys, statistics, interviews, articles etc.) you have been using in your paper. Describe your plans of maintaining objectiveness and correctness of your experiments.
  5. And finally, try to finish you research paper proposal by accentuating the actuality and importance of the problem highlighted in your work. Also include some proofs about how your research can develop the sub-category of sociology you have been studying and what benefits it can get from your composed sociology research paper proposal. Try not to repeat the phrases from the introduction part and it is strictly forbidden to include new facts and ideas in the conclusions. It is a so called wrapping up of the whole work and there is no need in new information.