List Of Good Research Paper Questions About The Holocaust

Writing about the topic of the Holocaust has been done many, many times before. This has been a popular research paper topic for many years, as students are trying to understand what happened and why it happened. When you choose any subject that’s been covered thoroughly in the past, it’s always a good idea to try and find a unique angle or perspective to make your paper very unique and original.

Here are some general questions to get you thinking about how you would like to narrow your focus within this broad subject area of the Holocaust.

  1. How was segregation for Jewish people enforced?

  2. What else was happening in the world during the same time period as the Holocaust?

  3. What did survivors of this tragic event do to cope with the loss of family and the horror of the holocaust?

  4. How did the Nazis rise and fall from power?

  5. What caused the Holocaust to start and what events brought it to an end?

  6. What did other countries do to try and stop this event and which ones had the largest impact?

  7. There were many people involved in rescue attempts to help victims avoid this terrible circumstance. What was the consequence of being caught? How did they avoid detection? What are some hero stories?

  8. Many books and movies have been written to explain this event. How true to fact are they?

  9. Why were Jewish people reluctant to leave Germany?

  10. What were the different ways people were murdered during the Holocaust?

  11. Why did some countries not to more to step in and stop this tragic event from taking place?

  12. What roles did the different countries play during the time of the Holocaust?

  13. What were some ways people found to escape from capture, violence and torture?

  14. What would it have been like to be a Nazi soldier, controlled by an evil regime? What happened to those who refused to carry out Hitler’s plan?

  15. How did this event shape the lives of the children and adults who survived?

You can follow a fairly simple process to get your research paper completed. Once you’ve chosen the topic, start researching for information to support it. You will want to formulate a thesis statement or central question. Use this to build your paper around.