How To Select An Uncommon Psychology Topic For A Research Paper

Looking for a research topic for your next psychology paper can be tricky; on the one hand you want to make sure that your essay is unique and thus holds your Professor’s attention but on the contrary it is also vital that you find enough information to write about in your essay. However, looking for an uncommon subject for your psychology essay is a good idea as it will grab the reader’s attention and keep them interested.

How to select an uncommon topic

  • The best way to start looking for an unusual theme for your essay is to look for subjects that actually interest you. Don’t worry about if it is a common or popular subject as you can always think of an unusual twist to take that can make your essay more interesting. For instance, if Social Media interests you - you can write about how Social Media Influences Political campaigns. This is a serious subject, not a standard point of view for an essay and at the same time you will find a lot of source material to write about.
  • It is, therefore, important to look for things you know and can write about. The angle that you take for the essay is what can make it uncommon and interesting.
  • You can look in the library for more ideas. Try browsing through books and magazines in a section that you don’t normally study from. You might just be able to form a connection with a subject of your interest from a book or study that you find here.
  • The internet is another great place to find creative subjects to write about. There are various academic websites available as resources that you can use to generate an unusual subject for your next dissertation. Again, when you select such a topic be careful that you pick one that you have knowledge on.

An uncommon topic can be fascinating to read, and the chances are that you will score a higher grade with this rather than a subject that everyone else is picking. But what you should also remember is that the quality of your work also plays a role in your paper, so being able to research and write well on the topic is as important as the subject matter itself. Like mentioned before, pick a subject that you are comfortable with and try putting an unusual spin on it to generate a creative and effective topic for your paper.