List Of Powerful Research Paper Topics About The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a wonderful book, one full of subtext and nuances, and one about which almost every student must write throughout the course of their education. If you are asked to write a paper on this book, you need to make sure you support whatever topic you choose with citations and evidence from the book and any required outside sources. You need to have thorough knowledge of the text before you can develop your thinking about it. You also want to take the time to go through several drafts.

If you are in need of a list of powerful research paper topics about the Great Gatsby, consider the following ideas:

  • Focus your work on the idea of carelessness as it appears throughout the book. How is this one attribute pivotal in the lives of each character? How does it relate to being an immature child? Would you argue that Nick is just as guilty as the faults he finds in the Buchanans? Would you argue that Jordan is just as guilty of the faults she finds in Myrtle?

  • Focus your work on the character of Gatsby throughout the course of the book. Describe what it is about him that makes him so great. Explain why the title is an appropriate one. Describe whether you think his actions heroic or foolish. Write about whether you think he was a romantic or whether he was a realist.

  • Describe the role that each character’s past played in the book. Consider the ideas that Gatsby has about recovering or bringing back to life the past. Consider the relationships, the imagery, and the symbols in this novel which are suggestive of the passage of time. Write about whether individuals can deny their past or past experiences. Write about how Nick emerges from his past experiences with a bitter idea of what reality is.

  • Take a stance about the emotions of Gatsby and whether they were obsession or love. What evidence is there in the novel to support your point of view? Would you argue that the dream he has was one worth holding on to?

  • Write about the statement Nick makes to Gatsby near the end about how the people who associated with Gatsby’s parties were a rotten crowd, and how Gatsby was worth all of them. Is this something with which you agree or not?

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