What Should A Research Paper Introduction Include: Main Rules To Remember

An introduction is arguably the most important part of your entire essay. This is because it’s the first thing that your teacher will read, and sets the tone for the rest of your assignment. The introduction obviously, introduces the topic that you’re going to talk about and lets people know how you’re going to approach it. When writing the introduction, you might get stuck on what to say. It’s actually a good idea for that very reason that you wait to write the introduction until after writing the rest of your paper. Even though it comes first on the page, once you’ve done the rest of the work, you can much better talk about and introduce the subject matter.

Research paper introductions

When writing the introduction for an essay or assignment, there are three main things you need to have. This might slightly differ for your class, so you’ll have to double check with the instructions from your teacher. But for most papers, this is what you’ll need:

  1. A powerful first sentence: this can be a question, a quote or citation from a source you’ve researched, or a poignant statement that you’ll back up later on in the assignment
  2. Showing both topics equally: you should always start with describing the opposite point of view, so that the last part of the introduction, the part that will stay in your reader’s mind best, will be your point of view
  3. A thesis statement or essay question: sometimes your teacher might provide this for you, but other times you may need to write one about the topic you’ve chosen. This goes at the end of the introduction, right before the first body paragraph

Writing a powerful introduction

Now that you know each of the parts involved in writing an introduction, how can you make yours great? Standing out and addressing the topic in a unique way is important to teachers because it will get you a better mark. Teachers have to read the same types of homework all the time to grade them, and that’s sure to get boring after a few of the same. If yours is intriguing, interesting and different (as long as you also follow all the guidelines and requirements) then you’re much more likely to get your teacher’s attention and therefore, a much higher grade for it.

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