Helpful Tips For Composing A Good Research Paper In APA Style

In most cases, teachers in colleges and universities require that students write their papers in APA style. As a student, you should therefore be aware of what an APA style of writing entails because failure of which might lead to low marks in your exam or sometimes rejection of your entire piece of writing.

Select a thesis

A thesis is a brief statement of what your paper is all about. It is a premise where you base your argument. While formulating your thesis, consider all the requirements in the assignment such that it may not end up being too broad or too narrow. For instance ask yourself, how long is the paper supposed to be? Remember your thesis determines the size of your research paper.

Carry out research

After formulating your thesis the next probable thing if to do research to help you expound on your thesis. Go find books in the library that talk about the topic you are writing, look for journals and magazines. Just any place where you can get information related to your topic. You can also check online although you should be careful because it’s never easy to reference online source since most of them are not authenticated. While researching ensure you take proper notes. Also ensure that you list down all the sources you have used.

Revise your thesis

After you have gathered and analyzed all the information, cut them down or increase so as to fit in the assignment requirements. Do not include a lot of information even if they are relevant.


This is also an important step though many people like to skip it. Ensure you write a major topic in bold letters followed by subtopics. Do that until you have written all the major topics with their sub-topics.

Inset charts, tables or graphs

Write draft. Follow your outline to when writing your draft. Use times new Roman and a fond size of 12. Ensure that each paragraph is more than one sentence and less than one page. Use double spacing while typing. Include a running head where you will write the title of your paper.

Create a title page and write an abstract

Your title should be clear and precise. Ideally it should be less than fifteen words.

Edit and proofread the work

Ensure you go through your final research paper to ensure you have adhered to all the assignment requirements.