A Quick Guide To Creating A Term Paper About Vandalism

Though it may not seem so, there are numerous avenues that one can explore when one looks at vandalism as a topic for a term paper. Not only is it a burning social issue, but it puts to question many facets of the country’s education system and governance. Therefore, do not fret if you cannot think of anything to write on vandalism. Take a deep breath and think. And below you will find a quick guide to help you.

What the forms of vandalism most prevalent in the current age?

Defacing walls and public property only is not vandalism. There are various forms of the act. In fact, vandalism can be mental as well as physical as well. Study about the different forms of vandalism, and set about writing on one that interests you most.

Where can you get subjects for your paper?

The internet and books are all well and good, but when the issue you are working on is a popular social problem, you may want to include some real-life incidents and people in your work as well. For your paper, some people you can talk to are:

  1. Authority figures
  2. Victims of vandalism
  3. Psychologists
  4. Law-makers

What goes on in a vandal’s mind?

You may have wondered the same more often than you would like: what drives a person to become so violent that he or she becomes adamant on destroying property? Two of the best sources to get information on this topic are local psychiatrists and psychologists. They will tell you about the basic psychology, the thought process that goes inside the mind of a vandal. You can make an interesting paper if you listen carefully and give your own insights as well.

What is the aim of vandalism?

Why do people vandalize? Is to lash out? Is it to make a statement? Is to satisfy their emotional need to rebel? Is it to protest? If yes, then against what? Something social, or personal? Since each person is different, the answers to all of these questions are different as well. Take up a few cases, and conduct intensive research into them. In the end, you will have answers and interesting insights on all your queries.

As mentioned before, the aim of a paper about a social issue is to not let you sit back with a mug of coffee and an internet connection. It is to make you spring into action and realize what is going on around you. Thus, the only way you can write a good sociology paper is if you open your eyes and ears and just observe. Hopefully, this quick guide will give you a starting point for your term paper about vandalism.

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