How Do You Choose A Microeconomic Topic For A Research Paper?

In short, just as you would choose any other specific topic. When writing a research paper, as opposed to a straightforward essay for example, you are required to go that extra mile. The research paper requirements mean you have to delve much deeper into the topic and in the world of microeconomics that means a detailed knowledge of the subject you choose.

It goes without saying that choosing a topic which you find interesting is by far the best approach. If that topic happens to be relevant to your studies and is a subject in which you have a background knowledge then you may well have hit the jackpot. Choose your topic carefully and seek advice on your final selection.

While a passion for the topic is a key consideration, research papers involve research. So before settling on your topic, it might be a good idea to spend a little time investigating the type and amount of research material which is easily available. A great topic with limited or hard to get at research material suddenly isn't such a great topic after all. The questions about the topic you need to ask are [a] is there plenty of relevant information? And [b] is that material easy to locate and use? Here are some possible microeconomic topics you might consider for your research paper.

  • What is the impact of public health care costs on the budget of the government?
  • What happens to different industries when a recession hits?
  • What is the impact of supply and demand on market prices?
  • How does the weather and in particular various seasons affect the economy?
  • Make a comparison between the various main structures of the stock market.
  • What is the impact of the union movement on the labour market?
  • What happens to prices and the economy in general when consumer spending drops away significantly?
  • How can a company‚Äôs advertising budget and tactics impact the success of the business?
  • Make a study of the housing market and in particular a housing bubble.
  • What are the advantages for an individual in paying for private health insurance?
  • What are the main factors which can turn around the fortunes of a struggling business?
  • What steps should a small business take to avoid being swamped or taken over by a large business?
  • How important is creative thinking in improving the bottom line of any business?

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