How To Compose A Perfect Research Paper On Yellow Journalism

Yellow journalism is a particularly interesting aspect of the media. In fact, many low quality newspapers will use some form of yellow journalism at some point in their publications. Of course, even low quality newspapers may occasionally use decent journalism techniques; however, it is tabloids and low quality newspapers that are often most associated with yellow journalism.

It is worth noting that yellow journalism is often used by media companies who are more interested in making money rather than providing readers with relevant and useful information. Therefore, you will often see sensationalised and eye-catching pictures to draw readers in, so as to encourage them to buy the publication.

In fact, as well as not necessarily providing readers with any useful information, yellow journalism can also go a step further, and provide information that is actually dangerous, potentially. For example, yellow journalism often involves scaremongering, and will highlight various aspects of a news story, whilst ignoring other relevant points. Therefore, the full story may not necessarily be told, only the points that help to sensationalise the story, and get people worried.

Ultimately, people like to complain about things; furthermore, when people are scared or worried about something, they are more likely to read and discuss that topic. Therefore, sensationalising topics and using scaremongering tactics can be a great way for newspapers to sell their publications.

Identifying relevant stories

If you are writing a research paper about yellow journalism, then you may wish to identify any famous stories that have been based on yellow journalism. It might be that the story refers to an isolated event or, alternatively, it may be that you refer to refer a string of stories relating to a more widespread state of affairs, or on going news story.

By identifying relevant stories that have been published in the media, you can demonstrate exactly what you are referring to when you write a research paper. Furthermore, you can use different headlines and news stories to demonstrate how different techniques of yellow journalism are used.

Referring to different sources

As well as referring to relevant stories, you may also wish to refer to newspapers and other media outlets that regularly use yellow journalism to help sell their publications. Just as referring to relevant stories can help to back up any points that you make, referring to different publications that use yellow journalism can help to give your paper credibility.

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